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We all know the song about the foot bone connecting to the leg bone, but how many people would have ever thought that it gives us a clue toward getting rid of back pain? Probably not many, so let me explain where I'm going with this. Everyday at Active Care Chiropractic we help numerous patients suffering from back pain. But what surprises many patients is that often the source of their pain isn't even a problem with their back. When I am out giving talks, I often have people tell me "Doc, I tried chiropractic before but after I stopped getting treated the pain just seemed to come right back." If a person has been around chiropractic a lot, they will simply tell you that they don't "hold their adjustment". This is usually a sign that their pain doesn't stem from a "back problem" but rather a foot problem. Let me explain. If a patient has a "flat foot", this is going to cause that side of the body to be lower and the entire structure of the body has to compensate for it. Where the pain shows up is usually those areas of the spine where most of that compensation occurs. Often, doctors just treat where you feel the pain. And although it can give you some relief, as long as your foundation is crooked the pain will ultimately come back. Think about a crack in the ceiling of a house. If a foundation shifts under a house, you will generally see a crack along the ceiling. Now you can fill that crack and paint over it, but as long as the foundation is off, that crack will just keep reoccurring. The same thing holds true with your body. So rather than just spackling your crack, how do we fix your foundation? The answer is Foot Leveler's orthotics. Here at Active Care Chiropractic, when we perform an examination, we also use an imaging scanner to see how your bodyweight is dispersed over your feet. This can tell us if a change in your feet might also be causing some of your pain. If we find that your feet are involved, we can have shoe inserts custom made from the results of your specific scan. And in many cases, these inserts are covered by your health insurance. So if you have never tried chiropractic care, or if you have but the benefits didn't seem to last, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Mention you saw our website and receive the full new patient exam, complete with infra-red thermal imaging, x-rays, foot analysis... the whole ball of wax for just $17.